The Tennessee Nurses Association and Chattanooga Area Nurses in Advanced Practice are issuing a call to action on recent state legislation measures.  This legislation has a direct impact on your advanced nursing practice in Tennessee.  Please review the following documents and take immediate action on this legislation.


TNA Call to Action Information

TNA Response to Tennessee Healthcare Improvement Act of 2015


CANAP Membership,

Our organization has been discussing the House Bill related to Full Practice Authority. At this point, that particular nursing bill has not progressed to the House. However, the Senate Bill 521 and Companion House Bill 861 will be considered this session. This is the Tennessee Medical Association bill which will affect patient access as well as our nursing regulation by the Board of Nursing. Please read Senate Bill 521 and immediately contact your Senator and Representative ASAP requesting them to oppose this Bill. Speak about issues from the bill which will negatively affect your Tennessee practice and which will have a negative impact on patients in Tennessee. If you have a positive patient story or even a patient who would write to their Senator concerning the value of nurse practitioners for their care needs this would be helpful.

As APNs we must be heard with a strong coordinated voice. Please read over the TNA talking points  and include in your communication. Visit your Legislative Representatives. Invite them to your clinic. Take them to lunch. Visit in their office. The physicians are talking about APNs. It is time we let them know about our education and service to their constituents.

If we do not speak up and this Bill passes, it will forever change Nurse Practitioner oversight and practice in Tennessee. Ultimately, it will affect patient care and the ability to practice to our full education and training abilities. Personally, I chose to become a nurse practitioner rather than a Physician Assistant or medical doctor. Tennessee is my home and I care about its residents. This bill would negatively impact my practice and our great state.  

Also, read this document that was put out by the Tennessee Medical Association.  It has strong allegations that damages our reputable practices.

Charlotte Webb MSN FNP BC

CANAP Legislative Committee Chair


Your Action Needed

This is the next step in obtaining Full Practice Authority. PLEASE read the bills, go to the TNA website and download the FPA talking points, and join TNA. We need your support and participation. Contact your legislators and neighbors, the citizens of Tennessee deserve the passage of these bills.


  •   HB0456 introduced by Representative Joanne Favors - Chattanooga (2015)

  •   SB0680 introduced by Senator Becky Duncan Massey - Knoxville (2015)


TNA Advocacy on Legislation

  • Steps Needed to Pass Full Practice Authority in Tennessee.  Click HERE
  • Click HERE for the Full Practice Authority Flyer


  • Sample APRN letter to a Legislator.  Click HERE

  • Sample letter to Legislator from your patients.  Click HERE

Who Are Your Legislators

Click on the following links to find contact information for your state representatives and senators, state committee members, U.S. congressmen, and federal committee members.  As an APRN and a voting member of your district, it is your obligation to contact elected officials anytime legislation is being considered that would negatively or positively affect your practice.  Please contact your legislators as soon as you are aware of any such legislation and share with them why and how this legislation would impact your practice and your vote.



If you have any questions about legislative issues, please contact our legislative chairperson. Please click here for contact information for the legislative chairperson.

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